Recycling plastic bags into art.

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SaraBella is closing. Thank you for 9 years of recycling plastic in to art!

Designer style. Artistic flair. Upcycled handbags.Handmade and unique. Upcycled aprons.Feel good fashion. Upcycled tote bags.Head-turning recycled fashion. Custom-design upcycled fashion.Environmentally sound tech style. Upcycled iPad CoversSmart style. Smart process. Smart design. Upcycled messenger bags.Recycled purses to go. Upcycled Pocket Purses.Environmental, upcycled art. Wacky Wrapper Totes.
Designer style from upcycled plastic bags.
Functional products. Rescued plastic bags.
Upcycled totes with a clean conscience.
Head-turning fashion from plastic bags.
High tech style. Low tech upcycling.
Smart style from fused plastic bags.
Recycled plastic bags to stylish purses.
Environmental art from rescued plastic.

Thank you for 9 years of support! Together we’ve saved hundreds of thousands of plastic bags from swimming the ocean and turned them into art instead. Sara Bella is closing up shop in search of new adventures. But we still have plenty of handbags, wallets, iPad covers and more in our warehouse. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve got, contact Sara here. In the meantime, please recycle your plastic bags at your nearest recycling facility. With love, Sara*

Art Shows

Our 2017 art shows are starting to fill up our calendars.   Keep checking our schedule as we’ll be posting them here.   Can’t wait to see you!

Raves and Reviews

We are in several videos, on TV, and in various magazines and newspapers. Let us show off a bit. Enjoy!


Answers to frequently asked questions about our upcycled handbags, totes, and more.

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