Recycling plastic bags into art.

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A brief description of the production process:

The production process goes like this: (I will have a short video out soon. It is in the works.)
1. Sort bags.
2. Flatten bags.
3. Fuse 7 layers of plastic together with a heat press. I use a mangle- an old fashioned iron like your grandmother used to press her table cloths. Maybe….

The top layer is the design layer (or, in your case, the second to top layer is the bread bag, the top layer will be clear) In order that the iron/heat source doesn’t touch the plastic bags, we use parchment paper as the barrier. It can be reused many many times and peals off of the newly fused plastic material easily.
4. Trim the panels of plastic material
5. Cut the material into the pattern pieces needed to create the products- a wallet has 6 pattern pieces of plastic material, one piece of velcro (hook and loop sides), thread.
6. Sew the pieces together in a specific order and voila, a Sara Bella* Upcycled product is made.