Recycling plastic bags into art.

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Where do you get them?

The plastic bags come from my neighborhood and other conscious folks in my community in Bend, as well as from some distant folks who get beautiful bags traveling or from their newspaper deliveries. (My friend in Seattle sends me her blue New York Times bags and my brother in Brooklyn has been known to send me fun New York bags and empty candy bags during Halloween! The environmental center here saves bags for me as well as some other shops and businesses. I even get bags through the drive up teller drawer at my bank!)

The banners come from various printers that make banners and when they make printing mistakes, they send me the bloopers. I also get used ones from my community- the Old Mill District has given me hundreds that have hung here in Bend, as well as the University of Oregon’s recycling center in Eugene.

I collect bags of all kinds, but not grocery type bags. If I get those in the mix, I sort them into a pile that I take to Safeway where they collect bags to send up to Portland- to Trex, the makers of plastic decking.

I also collect food wrappers, like chips bags, frozen fruit and veggie bags, bags from candy, dog treats, dog food, and lots of feed sacks like pig feed, chicken feed, bird seed, etc. (The feed bags and food wrappers are not used in Dave’s Bread products, just in our Whacky Wrapper Tote bags as seen on our website.)

The only other material in the wallets is thread and velcro. There is no glue or coating. Nada. Nothing but bags, heat, sewing.

We do use new webbing materials for the handles of our tote bags. I can’t seem to find a reliable, consistent source of used webbing.